What to Wear with an Army Green Jacket?

what to wear with army green jacket
Labor Day weekend should be a stellar time. You can spend it by the beach or on highways. Watching outdoor movies is a mental experience. Visit a drive-in theater to get abreast with new releases in the industry. What to wear with army green jacket? It might become a bit chilly in the evening. So, your casual shorts and T-shirt would be not enough. A kind of lightweight addition is necessary. A thin rain jacket protects you from ocean breeze and wind. Later, during fall and winter cold spells, it’s helpful too. You can layer it with sweaters and flannel shirts. Do you wonder how to style your stylish garment properly? Let’s delve into details.

How Do You Wear a Green Military Jacket?

There is a grip of everyday inspiration sources. Architecture, art, history and stylish people are astonishing and rad. All of these things help you to generate ideas and implement them into your life. So if military style. Deriving from traditional US Army uniforms, this stellar apparel is becoming fashionable.

A military green jacket becomes your everyday staple. This bomb piece of clothing is:

  • versatile;
  • stylish;
  • practical;
  • protective.

Nowadays, the military-style benefits civilians. Hippies were the first to use it in their daily life. In the 60s, it had a distinctive, a bit unconventional look. Can you wear a suit jacket as a blazer? Classical pieces of clothing suit a grip of formal occasions. They are acceptable in your office or an official ceremony.

An elegant blazer helps you to look dressy at a party or a family dinner. A utility green jacket is another thing. It suits a grip of sports and traveling activities. Wear it for a picnic, hiking or camping trip. It keeps you warm in high elevation, coastal areas, especially at night.

how to style a green army jacket

What Should We Wear with Green Jacket?

Your stylish apparel suits not only a cold season. It’s opportune in various climates and states. Thin and super lightweight options are available. In a mild climate like those of California, they are clutch. Loose fit and relaxed style are beneficial. It lets you feel easy and comfortable everywhere you are.

These years, military-style garments have become trendy streetwear. It would be your essential runway staple. Additionally, classic menswear turns into a stellar example of women’s fashion. The difference between jacket and hoodie is illustrative.

Unlike soft and thick sweatshirts, military-style garments are a bit stiff. They let you feel strong and independent in your daily life. Commonly, you would wear them with your casual:

  • jeans;
  • denim shorts;
  • skinnies or leggings;
  • comfy sneakers or stylish leather boots.

The casual garments let you be creative, expressing your personality. It lets you feel powerful, a bit aggressive, but still chic and classy. But military-inspired style doesn’t go against dressy or feminine appearance.

What Color Goes with Army Green Jacket?

Strict but informal, military apparel is always in fashion. It lets you feel self-confident everywhere you are. Practical and casual, it suits a grip of outdoor activities. Are you going hiking, running or cycling? Your utility jacket meets the purpose, protecting you from wind and rain.

It doesn’t look strange in the city, for real. Do you work outdoors? Being a photographer or a horse-riding instructor, you’d wear a utility jacket for sure. In an old-town environment, like Pasadena, your vintage garment won’t look dated too. Easy, relaxed style is winning everywhere.

What kind of jacket to wear with a dress? Not only the elegant, classic solutions are suitable. Create an edgy contrast, pairing your military-style jacket with:

  • a little black dress;
  • a cool denim skirt;
  • cream or white lace country dress;
  • leather mini skirt.

Solid neutral colors are preferable to match. A little black dress is no exception. Above all, it’s a timeless, classic garment. Contrasts in length also comply with certain basic rules.

does olive green go with everything

What Color Goes Best with Olive Green Jacket?

It’s not difficult to accessorize your military-style clothing. Textures and accessories do the job. Featuring shoulder epaulets and large patch pockets, your utility jacket is cool. In winter, add a scarf and a small hat. Like a beanie to keep you warm. Try to avoid bulky items to strike a balance.

Is your military-style, green jacket long? I guess hip-length garments are the most popular. In fall, light, thin options are preferable. You can wear them with various shoes, like:

  • sneakers;
  • chunky boots;
  • knee-high footwear;
  • elegant heels and leather bootees.

A green jacket matches well short mini-skirts and dresses. What about the color? I guess you should use contrasts and accessories in moderation. Is olive green warm or cool? It’s rather warm, like khaki, lime or pistachio. Military-style clothing is still neutral and natural. This earth-tone is rich, but it doesn’t garner attention. So, you can pair it with a variety of colors. Try to find the hue combinations that flatter your skin and face. It should help you to look attractive, making a stellar impression.

Does Olive Green Go With Everything?

Neutral and natural, military green tints are beneficial. They mix well with a grip of colors. I guess they look the best with pastel shades, like:

  • gray;
  • crème;
  • beige;
  • light blue.

White and black colors are versatile. They match any type of garments, light, and dark. Thus, it’s not difficult to put your casual outfit together. What goes with an olive green outfit? In winter, you may pair the jacket with a light sweater or a warm shirt. White, gray and black tops look stellar. They create a pleasant, attractive contrast.

In September, a military jacket goes with your favorite shorts and flip-flops. Both light and dark denim washes are legit. What about the patterns? For example, a floral printed dress looks great on your weekend. Besides, a pink or light option mixes well with your military-style jacket. It adds a feminine touch to your creative look. I still prefer monochromatic or striped tops and blouses, as they are cute and simple.

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Bottom Line

Haven’t you got a military green jacket yet? In California, it’s necessary a bit later when it gets colder. Meanwhile, don’t delay your shopping chores. A casual utility jacket is versatile and stylish. It becomes your favorite wardrobe staple.

Pairing well with various garments, it suits everyday wear. With jeans and shorts, your practical jacket looks good. So are mini-skirts and elegant dresses. Even the casual business code won’t completely ban military style. Wear your stylish jacket with slacks and a blouse or a light, elegant jumpsuit. If your work environment is not too conservative, it does the job. Prefer restrained, soft tones like dark blue or gray, and it works. So, don’t forget to buy a stellar green jacket for fall and winter. Rain or shine, it lets you feel independent and self-confident and look stylish.

Hi, it’s Emily Powell from Pasadena, CA, and I’m going to tell you about jackets. Are you sure you know how to select them? If not, get some friendly tips. You may need detailed sizing, fabric composition and design information. I hope it helps you. Don’t thank me:) But drop a line if you want to share your experience or clarify specific issues.

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