What is the Best Hiking Jackets for Women for Cold Weather?

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best hiking jacket women's
Do you like traveling in winter? If you live in a northern state, like Minnesota, it would be a gnarly journey. Heavy snow and cold temperatures might keep you from hiking. In California, things are different. For example, if I were you, I would pack my best hiking jacket women’s version and cruise over to Los Angeles.

Winters are stellar here: they are perfectly mild and sunny. Relatively rainy and humid weather benefits you. Meanwhile, dry persistent winds feel heavy. Apart from the water-resistant, windproof outdoor gear, they would make you butthurt. What does my favorite jacket look like for walking? It should be lightweight, packable, and functional. Breathability and flexibility are essential. Do you set sight on a new piece of garment? Let me provide several righteous examples.
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Here Are the Best Hiking Jackets for Women in 2024

  1. Arc’teryx Zeta SL – Most importantly, this is a waterproof, packable and super light emergency shell. It suits trekking and hiking. The jacket keeps you warm and dry during heavy winter thunderstorms.
  2.  Outdoor Ventures – The superlight and fully waterproof rain jacket includes a hood. It makes your running or cycling experience safe and enjoyable.
  3. Outdoor Research Helium II – The hooded wind shell is lightweight and waterproof. Use it in emergencies, bring it camping, hiking or fishing. It protects you from elements during a sudden storm.
  4. Marmot Jena Jacket – Keeps you warm during day-long winter trips. The down-filled jacket defends you from cold and snow. Above all, it features warm, natural insulation, looking pretty and fashionable.
  5. Columbia Copper Crest – The silky soft, fleece-lined winter coat is warm and cozy. Order it before your winter trips to the coldest US states like Montana or Illinois.

Now Let’s Look at Each Example in more Detail! How do I Right Choose? Which Will is more Effective?

1. Arc’teryx Zeta SL: Best Summer Walking Jacket for Women’s

Arc'teryx Zeta SL Jacket Women's | Superlight Waterproof GORE-TEX Shell Jacket for Hiking | Flux, X-Small

What do you have to travel in rainy weather? Your outdoor gear is to be compact and efficient. Zeta SL jacket by Canadian Arc’teryx Company does the job. Its minimalist, superlight design is beneficial. It weighs only about 9.5 oz. and packs small into your bag or backpack.

Most importantly, the jacket is suitable for technical hiking or mountain biking. In the northern states, use it in the summer. First of all, it works as emergency protection, protecting you during a sudden thunderstorm or downpour. It will also allow you to survive a spring thunderstorm while traveling. In California, it is suitable for unpredictable winter weather.

The waterproof jacket lets you outbrave the waves of bad weather. In December, I brought it enjoying the annual Christmas Boat Parade. The weather was sunny, not too breezy but a bit cool in the morning. The jacket had a stellar fit! It was relatively roomy in the chest, letting me wear a thin sweater underneath.

The jacket has a slightly cropped fit but the sleeves are long enough for me. I like its construction and material. It molds to your body, being sturdy, but feeling like textile. The layers of fabric don’t create tight spots or stiff ridges. Putting the fleece-lined jacket on, I felt the pleasant warmth and coziness. The adjustable cuff and hem make the jacket winter-proof. Thanks to them, it’s breathable but totally water-resistant.

Details and Specification

What makes the Arc’teryx jacket weatherproof? The features I like the most include:

  • taped seams;
  • anatomical shaping;
  • chin guard;
  • watertight front zip;
  • hood with a stellar halo adjuster.

Two deep front hand pockets come with waterproof zippers. They are roomy enough to put your iPhone, license and credit card inside.

Key Advantages
  • superlight;
  • soft, breathable lining;
  • totally waterproof;
  • fully packable;
  • adjustable cuff and hem;
  • advanced zip to seal out bad weather.


Zeta SL jacket by Arc’teryx is ultralight and sturdy. It molds to your body, allowing you to move easily. It’s fully waterproof, keeping you warm and dry during a storm. What about the fit? I like its hip length and roomy waist. It allows layering underneath, trapping your body warmth inside.

2. Outdoor Ventures: Best Ultra-Lightweight Rain Jacket for Women’s Workouts

Outdoor Ventures Packable Rain Jacket Women Lightweight Waterproof Raincoat with Hood Cycling Bike Jacket Windbreaker



What kind of clothing do you need in California? The climate of Los Angeles may change in a jiffy. On a warm sunny day, cold showers might start anytime. Cool desert winds suddenly become harsh. A piece of protective garment keeps you from shivering or getting wet.

The lightweight, waterproof jacket by Outdoor Ventures is perfect. If you need the gear, suiting running or cycling, it comes in a clutch. What makes it comfortable? It covers the rear, being long and roomy enough. I usually wear my favorite pullover underneath, experiencing no discomfort.

During a cold spell or early in the morning, it might be necessary. Sometimes, in the daytime, the temperatures reach 80 degrees. The inner mesh lining is a clutch in that case. It enables free air circulation, making the jacket breathable. Underarm vents don’t let you overheat while running.

In cooler weather, it becomes your durable cycling windbreaker. Any weather or season, it keeps you completely dry. I commonly wear it to walk my dog or during my hiking trips. When it gets cool or windy, it keeps me warm. The rain jacket is nice looking while solid and well constructed.

The Features I Like Most Include

  • handy, adjustable hood;
  • deep, zippered hip pockets;
  • welded seams;
  • attached mesh pouch to tuck the jacket in;
  • breathable inner mesh lining.

The jacket does a very good job with gusty winds. Keep in mind that it’s truly waterproof thanks to a water-resistant TPU membrane: its 8000 mm performance is outstanding. Definitely, cold air outbreaks are rare in California. On the other hand, when it still gets cool, the coat does not let you feel it. It fits me right. But if you want to wear a heavy top, order a larger size.

Primary Benefits
  • solid constructed;
  • truly waterproof;
  • adjustable;
  • nice-looking;
  • packable.


If you need a lightweight jacket to run or cycle, the one from Outdoor Ventures is a clutch. It does a good job with wind, being waterproof and easily packable. I like its bright, new blue color, fitted design and abundant length. In a cold climate, to wear a thick sweater underneath, choose a size up.

3. Outdoor Research Helium II: Best Women’s Lightweight Hiking Jacket

Outdoor Research Women's Helium II Jacket, Night/Ultraviolet, X-Small

Do you need a wind shell or a rain jacket? The one by Outdoor Research suits the mild California climate. It’s more than adequate in case of surprise winter storms. I commonly bring it camping or hiking. It keeps me dry on the trail, feeling ultralight and breathable. Additionally, it doesn’t overweight my purse, packing compactly.

You might have already used the award-winning skiing gear by Outdoor Research. It includes warm gloves and beanie hats. Helium II is rather a windbreaker. Besides, consisting of 100% nylon, it requires at least a thin underneath layer. Against your bare skin, it would feel clammy, especially in wet weather.

My Favorite Features

Helium II jacket has no liner, being thin and amazingly compact. In desert areas, it’s clutch. I like wearing it on my spectacular hikes like Runyon Canyon. The 3.3-mile trail is not long, but it might feel a bit hot or sweaty. My perfect jacket is amazingly breathable! Additionally, it weighs only 5.5 ounces, being not heavy to carry.

Does it work only in a pinch? The Helium II raincoat by Outdoor Research is waterproof and functional. It features a grip of useful details, like:

  • reflective elements;
  • an elastic down cord on the bottom;
  • protective hood;
  • fully taped seams;
  • nice, material-like fabric;
  • a large, zippered pocket at the chest.

With a storm or rain warning in effect, I commonly hit the trails. But I try to keep the jacket in my bag for emergencies. It wicks away the rain and breathes, keeping my head, neck and shirt dry. Additionally, I love its bright color and fashionable look.

Basic Advantages
  • compact and lightweight;
  • breathable;
  • waterproof;
  • functional;
  • trendy.


Going hiking or camping, don’t forget to keep Helium II jacket by Outdoor Research at hand. It doesn’t protect you from lighting or winter cold. In the mild climate of California, it’s stellar. Compact and breathable, it saves you in emergencies or rescue situations.

4. Marmot Jena: Best Women’s Rain Jacket for Hiking

Marmot Women’s Jena Jacket | Down-Insulated, Lightweight, Cherry Tomato, Small

Do you feel cold in Los Angeles in winter? Even when the weather is sunny, the air might be crisp. The average overnight temperature is around 48 degrees. During a rare cold air outbreak, it might approach freezing. On the coast or in a higher elevation, comfortable insulation is a clutch.

What do you wear to go out or cruise in the city? On a great annual event like Pasadena Winter Carnival, I would rock a warm, down-filled jacket, for instance. Jena by Marmot is short and good fitting. It suits any activity like skating or horse riding. The jacket allows you to move and perform well.

It feels light as a feather, being perfect to travel or make a long trip. Are you driving? A short, toasty warm jacket feels comfortable. If you are renting a cabriolet or parking somewhere outside, you would need it. 700 fill down is warm enough for any climate and outdoor activity.

What’s Special about Jena Jacket?

I love it, as it’s not bulky but functional. It keeps me warm during my trips and cold winter mornings. It blocks wind, looking chic and streamlined. I like its:

  • soft, embossed fleece lining;
  • figure-flattering, slim fit;
  • vibrant, rich color;
  • cozy hand pockets;
  • smooth, heavy-duty zipper.

If you are a curvy girl, the elastic down cord in the bottom might feel tight. Order one or two sizes up to make it roomy. Do it in a cold climate to wear a sweater or a thick wool layer underneath. In Southern California, I wear a Jena jacket by Marmot occasionally, and it lasts for 4 years. High-quality stuff (zippers, stitching and fabric) does the job.

Specific Benefits
  • warm;
  • lightweight and packable;
  • soft, plush feel;
  • non-restrictive;
  • bright and well-fitted.


If you are an active person, order Jena down-filled jacket. The piece of outdoor gear by Marmot is comfortable and lightweight as sportswear. It shows outstanding performance, being durable and compactible. It’s warm without overbearing, functional and water-resistant. Additionally, it looks nice, being flattering and bright in shade.

5. Columbia Copper Crest: Cozy, Warm Winter Jacket for Walking

Columbia Women's Copper Crest Hooded Jacket, Malbec, X-Small

Do you need a warm, lightweight jacket in winter? In the mild climate of California, it doesn’t stand a chance. A mid-weight jacket would be overbearing in that wind. It’s necessary if you go skiing or anticipate a winter trip to a northern region. I ordered this coat for my Christmas trip to Newport.

White Christmas is beautiful but cold. You are to equip properly to withstand freezing, snowy Vermont weather. The insulated Copper Crest jacket by Columbia does the job. It keeps the draft out, keeping you warm and comfortable. It’s not too bulky or heavy but functional.

Useful Features

Sportswear by the most trusted America’s brand is outstanding. Columbia products are innovative, iconic and earth-smart. If you live in the north, the Copper Crest jacket becomes your essential wardrobe staple.

What makes it special? I love its:

  • modern cut;
  • soft, plush-fleece lining;
  • attached hood;
  • insulated zippers;
  • gusseted hand pockets.

The jacket’s truly unique feature is its soft inner lining. It’s synthetic, fur-like, feeling velvety and plush. It applies to the hood and sleeves, making the jacket feel like a fur coat inside. This kind of insulation is not thick. It doesn’t give a bulky or oversized impression.

For sure, it’s not as compact and packable as a windbreaker. The items I mentioned above are more breathable and watertight. It’s short, requiring matching warm pants. The hood has no adjustable ties. Does it keep your head warm and dry? Thanks to the advanced chin guard construction, it fits snugly. Additionally, the warm coat is cute and durable.

Basic Advantages
  • warm;
  • soft and cozy, plush lining;
  • non-restrictive;
  • easy to maintain;
  • beautiful and fresh looking.


If you like traveling, the Copper Crest jacket by Columbia is a great choice. It’s warm enough to make a winter trip to a northern region. In Montana or Vermont, it keeps you warm and cozy. The plush, fur-like lining is stellar. Additionally, the jacket is durable, easy to move and trendy.

AWESOME Buyer’s Guide

If you are an active woman, that’s great. How do you feel in winter? Even if you live in the north, go on running, hiking or walking. Overcast, cold, wet or rainy weather should not prevent you from going out. Functional outdoor gear protects you from wind, winter chill and elements.

How do you choose it? A million rain jacket options are available now. In January, you can get most of them on sale. It shouldn’t become a tricky task, making you butthurt. You kill it easily, thinking about your environment and trail types. Narrow down your selection, considering your hiking needs and requirements.

What Should a Woman Wear Hiking?

When you choose a suitable winter jacket, not only its fashion matters. For sure, the clothing you wear on daily basis should be trendy and nice-looking. Being a slim, not too tall lady, I prefer well-fitted jackets. Modern designers create them especially to fit the female figures. Bright, pleasant colors are trendy.

Meanwhile, choosing your best winter jacket, consider a grip of key factors. They include:

  • your climate;
  • daytime and overnight temperatures;
  • basic duration of your trips;
  • your common activities and practices.

Do you like traveling? In California, there are no restrictions now. With basic safety measures, domestic and international trips are allowable. Keep in mind that, in a colder state, a warm, cozy, fleece-lined jacket is a must. It might suit skiing and skating, protecting you from snow and winter frost.

In the mild and sunny climate of California, thick insulation doesn’t stand a chance. When the daytime temperatures are at the 60s, you need only a kind of windbreaker. Rare rains or coastal winds make layer clothing. Pair your jacket with rain pants and hiking boots. Wear a sweater underneath and hit the trail.

What is a Good Jacket for Walking?

Being a modern lady or feather-bedded valley girl, you follow the trends. Stylish, fashionable clothing is in your wardrobe. Your casual outdoor gear is a different story. You know it is to look nice, flattering your waist. Functionality is its stellar priority. What are your favorite outdoor activities? You might enjoy running, trekking or walking your dog.

Can your new hiking jacket suit every kind of your adventures? Anyway, it should be:

  • lightweight;
  • breathable;
  • windproof;
  • water-resistant;
  • comfortable;
  • top-quality.

Traveling or camping, you might not focus on your rain jacket’s performance. Use it in emergencies, in a rainstorm. It should protect you from wind and elements, keeping you totally dry. Which women’s jacket is most waterproof for walking? No rain jacket offers you 100% protection.

The outer, protective layer makes difference. It may consist of a durable, water-resistant fabric, like nylon or polyester. A layer of breathable and elastic TPU membrane is beneficial. It makes the jacket feel pretty durable and solid. Fully sealed zippers, deep pockets and an adjustable hood improve its rad performance.

What is the Best Type of Jacket for Hiking?

Low terrain walking differs from mountain trekking. Traveling in higher elevations is spectacular but risky. Full arm mobility is necessary. If you can lift them easily, that’s clutch. If you were climbing, well-built sleeves and under-arm vents are life-saving features.

What is the warmest winter coat for walking? In a cold climate or on mountain trails, insulation is essential. Which one meets your needs? To clarify: traditional down fillers are soft and natural. They have high fill power, suiting extreme cold environments. On the other hand, synthetic fleece or polyester insulation is breathable and hypoallergenic. It’s machine-washable, dryable, and the feathers won’t come out of the seams.

Choosing a warm walking jacket, think about its:

  • length;
  • hem and cuff adjustment;
  • materials;
  • brand;
  • fit and construction.

Outer fabric matters. In the moderate climate of California, softshell jackets are stellar. Breathable and lightweight, they suit our mild, sunny weather. Hardshell jackets are more durable and waterproof. Innovative technologies, like Gore-Tex, do the job. Consisting of a microporous PFTE laminate, this rad fabric is incredibly strong and breathable.

Bottom Line

How do you choose a good winter jacket to walk or hike? Its fit, style and color matter, for sure. The sleeves should not be short; a tight bottom hem would affect your blood circulation. Meanwhile, functionality is a game-changer. Thus, in summer or a mild climate, a lightweight, packable, hooded jacket is necessary. The ones by Outdoor Ventures, Arc’teryx and Outdoor Research do the job.

Are you cruising to the north? Order a warm, well-insulated winter coat. The garments by Columbia and Marmot are short. They suit running or skiing. Innovative insulation and hard-shell outer materials protect you from cold, wind and elements.

Hi, it’s Emily Powell from Pasadena, CA, and I’m going to tell you about jackets. Are you sure you know how to select them? If not, get some friendly tips. You may need detailed sizing, fabric composition and design information. I hope it helps you. Don’t thank me:) But drop a line if you want to share your experience or clarify specific issues.

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