Can You Wear a Suit Jacket as a Blazer?

can you wear a suit jacket as a blazer
Early summer is a stellar time to bail and go out. Now you would enjoy the gorgeous blossoms of parks. Visiting the Zoo or a museum, you should look chic and stylish. Pleasant warmth during the day makes you feel comfortable. But you still might have to layer clothing. Can you wear suit jacket as a blazer? Your classic and versatile garment would be useful outdoors. Wear it, walking along the streets downtown or seeing the sights. Casual elegance is to be flawless. Most importantly, it suits most of your weekend activities. But you should match the colors, materials, and accessories properly.

Traditional Suit Rules

Formal events and occasions are not frequent nowadays. Large public gatherings might increase the spread of Covid-19. So, authorities commonly cancel them to reduce the risk. Do you still have to stay at home? More than 4.3 million people within the USA do.

According to Global Workplace Analytics, remote workers enjoy flexible working schedules and spaces. It reduces stress, letting you focus on your essential tasks. With fewer distractions, productivity increases. But you won’t need to tell me the difference between a shorts and a regular suit jacket every day.

Changes in the fashion industry are evident. Nowadays, even sharply-dressed Pasadena dudes try to avoid formal garment details, like:

  • luxury merino wool suits;
  • black tie jackets;
  • deep black color;
  • wide lapels;
  • padded shoulders;
  • thick belts.

Is a suit separate a blazer? Your stylish pants may become impractical. You don’t need to match them. If you don’t work in the office, they would look like furbelow. A strict business or formal dress code isn’t obligatory anymore.

Can You Wear a Suit Jacket Casually?

Poor communication might become a serious remote work issue. Moreover, video conferencing is beneficial: it lets employees feel engaged, improving productivity and attendance. Direct eye contact is important during meetings. The camera head is at your eye level.

A casual dress top is visible. Sweat or pajama pants are conventional at home. What about your suit trousers? They wear off faster than the jacket. Now, you can lose or discard them. Separating your flawless ensemble is possible. Nothing restricts you. You even may avoid wearing face masks outdoors anymore.

can you wear a suit jacket casually

Thus, you may opt for your oldy-moldy suit jacket on weekends and days off. The difference between jacket and sweater is still significant. In Los Angeles, high temperatures reduce the need for warm clothes. Morning fog and low clouds may make you feel a bit cool in the morning. Wear a soft, casual suit jacket, while visiting:

  • Griffith Park;
  • LA Zoo;
  • the famous Disney’s theme parks;
  • Hollywood Sign;
  • Natural History Museum.

May Gray and June Groom weather phenomenon make you layer your clothes. Do you still want to look elegant while going out? Let’s discuss how to turn the trick.

What is the Difference Between a Blazer and a Suit Jacket?

Chilling at the beach or hanging out with your friends is epic. Early season prospects benefits you. Tourist crowds are not rigorous in May. Shorter lines don’t let you feel bored or get butthurt. Discounts are also pleasant. Perhaps, going hiking or chinning at the beach, you would dress according to the weather.

A light, soft and waterproof outerwear is necessary. Sport coat vs blazer vs suit jacket is a glamorous outfit. Commonly, it is:

  • patterned;
  • heavy;
  • textured;
  • featuring buttons, decorative patch pockets and textured belts.

Casual and versatile, these stylish items are comfortable. Initially, they served outdoor sports, like shooting or horse-riding. Sportcoats offer you casual flexibility of style. But these garments are too warm and bulky for California summer.

A suit jacket fits you like a glove: it has a bit tighter, closer silhouette. It comes with discreet, non-metal buttons and handy flap pockets. Commonly, suit jackets don’t require layering. Tailored pieces of clothes look elegant and non-restrictive. Some of them would suit casual outdoor applications.

How Does a Blazer Look?

Pristine-cut solid-color outer clothing is legit. It suits a grip of formal and casual occasions. Besides, a blazer is a versatile garment. It makes you feel personal and stylish anywhere, at any time of day. The term dates back to 1825. These bright jackets let members of Lady Margaret Boat Club look a fly in milk.

They stood out by eye-catching red color. The name itself originated with this stellar, blazing fabric. Nowadays, the difference between blazer and suit jacket is measurable, but not profound. They bear upon patterns, buttons and fabrics. Thus, a modern, elegant blazer commonly features:

  • solid color;
  • soft, simple construction;
  • contrasting, silver or gold buttons;
  • humble lapels.

Unlike suit jackets, stellar blazers or sport coats are independent garments. Forget about your matching pants. Elegant blazers don’t require them. These epic garments are not as trite as your legit suit jackets. Meanwhile, they feature a grip of distinct elements that denote their style. Modern notch lapels rule the roost.

how does a blazer look like

Can You Wear a Navy Suit Jacket as a Blazer?

Bright, shining buttons and distinctive stitching make blazers look dank. It provides clean, elegant style, letting you look like a sharply-dressed man. Patches and textures also matter. Stripped blazers denoted boating team colors in the past. Nowadays, they are uncommon or old-fashion.

Thus, pinstripe jackets may not suit the application. Plaids or window panes may not work on casual events. Plain colors and textured clothes are beneficial. Tints and shades rule the roost. Popular ones include:

  1. Navy blue.
  2. Bottle-green.
  3. Olive.
  4. Charcoal gray.
  5. Brown.

So, a plain-color suit jacket with soft shoulders would be opportune. Consisting of finer stuff, it works on California spring. Coastal areas might be windy and foggy. But light clothing like windbreakers might be efficient to protect you.

What is a jacket without sleeves called? A thin, woven vest or a dress shirt does the job. Wearing it casually, under your lightweight suit jacket, you’ll feel comfortable and snug.

What to Wear with a Navy Blue Blazer?

Being less structured but showy, blazers are stellar. They commonly consist of sturdy, dense fabrics. These trendy garments have a bit looser fit than jackets. They may feature fancy pockets and patterns. Thus, blazers pair properly with flat-colored pants or trousers.

Your elegant suit jacket might be a lighter, thinner option. Having a classic, shiny appearance, they easily match with:

  • khaki trousers or light gray pants.
  • stylish jeans or joggers;
  • light-colored or white shirts;
  • leather or suede dress shoes;
  • comfy loafers or canvas sneakers.

A matching leather or webbing belt is necessary. Casual-style options are beneficial: they define your waistline, separating your lower body from the jacket. How to wear a suit jacket with jeans? Your formal outfit may consist of lightweight, fine material. Silk, linen and seersucker options suit summer use the best.

Rough, textured fabrics are preferable in terms of style. They have casual look, pairing well with denim pants. Light, matte colors are beneficial. Shades of gray and blue answer the purpose.

Bottom Line

Early summer is a stellar time to cruise and travel. Going to the city or the park, wear your stylish suit jacket. If it’s soft but not pinstriped, don’t discard it. It suits a grip of casual occasions, looking dressy and elegant. Match it properly with your favorite pants and shoes. Moreover, pay attention to the shades, patterns and accessories. This way, you prolong the life of your conventional office clothes. It lets you look elegant and feel comfy every weekend or holiday.

Hi, it’s Emily Powell from Pasadena, CA, and I’m going to tell you about jackets. Are you sure you know how to select them? If not, get some friendly tips. You may need detailed sizing, fabric composition and design information. I hope it helps you. Don’t thank me:) But drop a line if you want to share your experience or clarify specific issues.

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